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December 26, 2007



Happy HolyDays, Matthew! I pray the world opens its eyes and ears to what you have to say in 2008.


Your little girl is adorable!
I just found out today about everything you've gone through with the surgery on your vocal chords, and you should know that it really inspired me to trust God with my college-choice decision. If you can trust that God knows what He's doing when it seems like He's taking away the gift He gave you, then I can trust that God will show me what college He wants me to go to. :) Thanks for being an inspiration!


hey. a couple of months ago i lost my voice for the first time. my whole life i've wondered what it would be like to lose something i use daily. and i hope that i never have to go through it again. my friends didnt understand me. i couldn't sing during choir.

everyone looked at me and thought everything was fine but then when i tried to speak and nothing came out they were all saying "TEIA!?! what happened?" of course i couldn't tell them.

those few weeks gave me lots of time to reflect and think and listen. i really hope i don't have to go through that again.

i am so thankful that God gave YOU to everyone here. you voiced what we all need to when we can't say what means the most important to us.

i also found that when i couldn't talk is when i wanted to talk the most. and share everything with the people i love. :)

PRAYING FOR YOU during these days.

im soooo excited for your new cd!


Mathew I totally disagree with the Santa deal we are Christians or "suppose" to be anyway...my nine year old is one of your biggest fans, as a matter of fact we are going to be in Fairfax,Va. this week March 13,2008 just to see you! It was meant to be all about Toby Mac and was a Christmas gift that we have long awaited.Getting back to Santa...we as Gods people have got to let go of traditions if we expect to truly please him.We must show the world that we are different.That we are true followers of Christ at "all" times especially "Christ"mas


Same goes for Easter people of God.Lets give the world something to see.It is not enough to have something to say.

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