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January 11, 2008


Brian Gloor

This is by far one of my favorite webisodes yet. I have been going through a time where I am trying to sit still and liste to what God has to say into my life. Pull off into the Rest Stop of my busy highway of life and see God sitting there waiting for me. It is hard and to hear you say that at times you need to have everything stripped away and see that he is all that you need. That is the story of my life. I can not wait for the new release. My CD shipped today and can not wait to put it on.


I have been so blessed reading and watching your webisodes. I dont even know how I stumbled on your music a few weeks ago but your recent journey has been such an encouragement and confirmation to me of what is most important. I pray that many will be drawn to that place of rest and stillness in Him with the release of your new cd. :)


wow. I got your album in the mail on Monday and can't tell you how many times it has spun in my player! I'm addicted. Especially to "The Motions"...

Let's just say that I've spent the past five years working for a major artist management agency in the 'ville... and let's just say that the lead singer of the band I've worked for had to end his singing days due to losing his voice. Seeing you go through your struggles, ultimately triumphant and thoroughly changed, has been an amazing inspiration. Being in "the biz", I've never really been one to put artists up on a pedestal... that is, unless they truly deserve a place of honor. You, my friend, do.

I remember seeing you play a small acoustic show a few years ago at a Brentwood [TN] church... loving what you were doing. Lately I've found myself falling back [even more] in love with your music and your ministry.

Thank you for everything that you do... especially for the things that no one ever gets to see. And thank you for everything that you allow Him to do [through you].

Be blessed.


Thanks for sharing this struggle. I take for granted singing in my small church worship group, but it is an honor I need to wake up to. I am unemployed after 9 years of working for the same company and have been down about that. But like you said, this is where God wants me. To be totally dependent on Him alone. And to face up to things like my dad's heart attack...he could go anytime. That I have changes happening in my life that could take me moving across the USA to the opposite side.

But looking at all I need, God is at my side and I will be okay and alright with whatever comes.

"More" is honestly my favorite song. But after reading this, "You are Everything" is starting to grow on me.

God bless this special ministry you, your wife and your daughter provide us. Yes, I include them. They allow/support/provide the means for you to do this. Thank you. +


I usually do not listen to christian music. I'm not a christian. But recently I've been really reflecting on all the mistakes I've made in life. And there seems to be a ton. I started getting a depressed by this, and then I happened to hear the song "History". It has made a real difference in me. I think it's very powerful song and made me realize that everyone has baggage. I’m especially drawn to the part “You know you can't stay right where you fell. The hardest part is forgiving yourself”. How true, I seem to be able to forgive anyone for ANYTHING, but I can't forgive myself. What a great song. I have since bought all of your CDs. They are all incredible.

I just want you to know that you're not only affecting "christians" with your music, it's very encompassing not just for Christian life, but for LIFE itself. I’m a big fan of yours and hope you get to Austin soon. I will certainly come and see your show. Please just keep producing music and spreading your positive message and bringing hope to others not by making us feel sub-human like so many Christians do, but by making us all feel normal, that what we go through everyone encounters and that there are answers.

Thank you

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