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October 22, 2008


Zach Nielsen

Iowa? Didn't I always tell you that state was the best?

Corn fed,




Hey. If you click this link it has the video from the Hartland, WI concert!


spencer hayes

thank you so much for playing tonight, i go to the rock church, (kingdom youtch church) we baptized like 50 kids tonight, but God moved and thanks for playing for us. we appreciate it, and we love you.

Brice Musgrove

We were the family at the Marion show that drove over from Des Moines, and you provided autographs to my daughter Taryn and son Ryan. I didn't want to take too much of your time then, but wanted to take this opportunity to say "Thank you". You were so kind to spend time talking with my children, they were absolutely thrilled to get to meet you and obtain an autograph. For my own personal experience, I have been away from Christian music for 15 years. I bought your disks prior to the Iowa State Fair show and your songs have brought me back. It has helped me to search out my own faith in a way I never have and has brought a connection with God for my family that we didn't have. Thank you so much for your faithful work for God and for telling your amazing story. God Bless you and your family!

Brent McCoy

It's too bad you didn't come to the OKC area! Maybe next time!



We went to your concert at Door Creek Church in Madsion, WI. You came out first as Matthew East and then Matthew West. My 6 y/o daughter leans over to me and says "Mom isn't cool that they both have the same first name and like to play music together." I then mistakenly leaned over and told her you were just kidding and that Matthew East and West were the same person. Not to be outdone by her mother she then leaned over to her 3 y/o brother to tell him the truth. He promptly got mad and they started a fight about whether there were 2 of you. My husband looked over at me in despair. Guess I should have kept the news to myself. Thanks for a great concert and your music and message was great!!


Hey! I think every song of yours is a hit!
nice job. I love your music.
You should come to Massachusetts sometime.


We had the opportunity and blessing to see your concert in Farmington, NM. We live in Pagosa Springs, CO (but I recently moved here from Grand Junction, CO). Our friend, Jon treated us to the concert. It was my step-son's first Christian concert. We were exiting the door after the concert ended. My husband, Joel was teasing Jon "That was worth the 15 bucks you paid for the tickets!" Just then, you and other band members were heading in the door for autograph signings - just in time to catch Joel's comment. You said "Glad to hear it." It was priceless! My husband is a consummate practical joker. The timing couldn't have been better. Truly we all enjoyed the concert. We listened to Matthew West cd's most of the 2 hour drive home.

Sarah Johnson

I went to your concert in Phoenix, no Scottsdale, no Cave Creek AZ. It was a Tuesday night well spent. I have never been to a Christian Rock show before but really loved it. I won the tickets from KLOVE and I want to thank them so much for such a great blessing! God has blessed all--thank you for sharing His message.


Thank you Lord for this ministry...
After the death of my son & his best friend, when in the throws of near-suicidal grief, I heard "More" resounding from my car stereo - as if God (& my son) were singing from heaven to save my life!
You see, my son's very last words to me were "I LOVE YOU MORE..."



Someone else took this video of the show in Madison, WI. This was, by far, one of the best songs you've ever written extemporaneously. It was definitely our fav!

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