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November 15, 2008



We are all excited about the new West on the way, and will continue to keep you and your beautiful girls in prayer. It must be tough to be away from them for so long, but I know that God is using you in BIG ways to reach other people! Your music always encourages and convicts me. Don't ever forget that! God bless y'all on the rest of the tour.


congrats on the little girl on her way! :)


hey matthew i just got back from your first performance in Merced, CA, the 2nd time ive seen you and surely not the last. It was so special to hear Life Inside You and A Friend in the World, two songs that really helped call me to the Father when I had just gone so far astray. After the show, I tried to put into words the Amazing Grace God has shown me, and how He really is speaking through you, but I was so nervous I'm not sure a single word I said was intelligible. If you ever find yourself on the bus with a minute, you're welcome to read my testimony I just finished writing for my church: http://rapidshare.com/files/164267597/forHisglory.doc.html
I'm praying for you and your family (and CONGRATULATIONS!) We sure do appreciate what you're doing and may the Lord comfort you while you're on the road, serving Him!

Jessica Hewlett

Will we be seeing you in VA any time soon? My husband and I truly enjoyed your concert with Mandisa in Richmond. We are so happy for you and your Family Congratulations on the new addition!

Sarah from TN

Congratulations! So, do you have a name picked out yet?


Hi Matthew (and Josh, Scott and Brandon and the rest of the "crew"...sorry I didn't get everyone's names :)), This is Lori (I got to spoil you guys with meals in Visalia at Neighborhood Church). I just wanted to thank you ALL for coming to Visalia. While I didn't get to hear a lot of the concert (yes, I was in the kitchen :)) my kids were just so blessed to be able to enjoy an awesome concert. My husband and I talked (well, as much as I was able to talk at the end of the night with no voice left :)) as we were going to bed about how nice you all were! I was so blessed to be able to pamper you all yesterday, and my husband really liked seeing the sparkle in my eyes when he got to the church for the concert. You all were so nice and I really was truly blessed to serve you all yesterday!

Praying for the remainder of your tour and for your precious new daughter!

Lori from Neighborhood Church

Ollie Family

Congratulations on expecting your new baby. We know how it is to be without our family from time to time. God is blessing his people through your music. My Wife and I took our two sons to your show last night in VISALIA! FRIDAY (tuesday) NIGHT! We were front row center and were truly blessed by the time and experience. We will be praying for you and your family!


congrats on the new addition. I heard about it on Total Axxess with Wally last night and I was so Excited
Good luck,
Go Titians(10-0)

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