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February 13, 2009



Congrats on baby #2. I cant wait to hear stories about the newest West Addition. Also Great Show in Clarksville Tonite I had so much fun ! I nas also great to meet you again there!
Have a Great Day!,
Sarah :)


praying for you and the family as the next few days bring years of changes.

love you guys!


Matthew, I heard your song for Valentines Day, When I Say I Do, and it is fantastic. My daughter is getting married this summer on June 27th, and we'd love to get the lyrics and purchase the music to this song...is it going to be available?

Blessing to you and your family!

Troy Hatfield

My Dearest Matthew:

First off congrats on the new life that our Lord has entrusted to you and your wife. God Bless you all.

I have never met you and have just heard you on K-Love radio, the valentines Day song. Thank You. I don't if you are the one who wrote the lyrics or music or if you just recorded it. Either way it has touched the hearts of me and beautiful wife and has hit on the LOVE the we share with each other and for one other.

Is it Possible to get a recording of this God, Love, inspired song the our lord has gifted to you and through you to us, it seem that it is not available to download on perminent basis. If there is anyting that you could do, it would be a blessing to me and my gift from my Lord (my Wife).

Thank you for your time and consideration. Keep up the good works and God Bless and protect you in your travels.

Troy Hatfield

Whitnee Hogg

Praying for you guys tomorrow! May the Lord bless your new addition to the family! Can't wait to hear the details!!

Steve and Heather Paiva

Hey the Paiva family is thinking of the West family!! Having 4 kids here we know baby things :-) May God bless you and your wife with baby # 2 .........they are the greatest blessing you will ever have! Fans will come and go.............your little girls will be by you forever!! My Dad is still my hero! and of course my husband:-)

hey making chocolate melting cake for the family tonight ..they are sad we broke it to them we don't think we have the $$ to book for next year ...we had lots of tears.....but nothing chocolate melting cake can't fix.......we have lots of cruises in our future OUR GOD IS BIG! We are going to play your cd and brandon heath and bury our face in little dishes of chocolate!! what you will do to see a smile on your kids face!!

Mikaela Ashworth

Congrats on baby #2!!! That is so exciting!
I decided to check out your blog after listening to "When I say I do" about 100 times. I am 19 years old and I absolutely love that song!!! I want it to be played at my wedding...whenever God decides for that to be.
I am really excited that I get to see you in concert, but it isn't until July. It seems like a long ways away. I've been to a lot of concerts, but sadly, I have only seen you once. It was back in July of 2006. I was a part of the team that went to Peru on a missions trip with focus on the family.
Anyway, thanks for doing what God intended for you to do...
God bless!!


Congradulations on your new baby girl! I pray the delilvery goes well for both your baby and your wife. Matthew, You are such a blessing to have on my iPod. Everytime your songs come on, I shriek.

Thanks for all you do!
God bless.

Jennifer Eckert

Hope everything went well/ is going well for you and your family. Said a prayer today that everything would happen smoothly.

Steve and Heather Paiva

woke up with a sick kid last night...thought of your wife and hoping that you have another little girl in your arms by now!

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