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February 02, 2009


Zach Nielsen

Great to see you blogging more.



I got to meet you back stage at the Epic Center. I enjoyed your concert so much. Your music has helped bring healing in my life this past year. I know exactly what you were talking about when you said going through the worst time in our life can become the best.God bless you and your family.Linda


Thanks for writing that! THat is exactly how i have been feeling lately! God does deserve the best of us! i should probably head on over to the motions page! huh? I will definitely check that out! Tomorrow will be a brand new day...
take care and God bless you and your beautiful family! and may he give you more beautiful songs!


Hi, Matthew!
This is exactly how I have been feeling the past several weeks. In fact, your song "Stop The World" has really been on my heart, lately. I even posted the words on my blog. There has just been to many distractions keeping my heart from Him, and I need that precious time. ;) Thank you for allowing God to work through you in your music. I wanted to thank you when I met you here in Olympia, but my mind went blank. I was to busy thinking, "It's Matthew West!" (I was also supposed to have the poster signed to my 6 year old daughter, Angela. She was so cute singing "Only Grace" as we walked to school together that morning. She was mad at me for not taking her to see you.) Anyway, may God be with you in all your travels. Looking forward to seeing pics of your new baby daughter when she arrives! Maybe we'll have the same B-day! :) Love in Christ, ~Lori~

Jon Christner

It had been sometime (several years) since I was last at a concert but when I heard about Matthew and Sanctus Real coming to Wichita, I WAS LEAD TO GO. Didn't know why, just knew I was to be there. In His plans for us, there is a purpose and His plan for this evening was for me to hear Matthew sing about "going through the motions." Sometime ago the Father gave me a task and I have "more or less," "kinda sorta," "pretty much" done just enough to lay claim to involvement but by no means has my heart and soul been in what the Father has provided for me. I confess going through the motions in this work the Father has set before me and I ask your prayers in His support for my repentance. And I thank you Matthew for your obedience to Him in your own life by being the means by which this message was delivered the many such as myself. God bless you and congratulations on your new addition.

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I assumed you were very excited about the matter. Looks like I wasn't wrong.

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