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February 17, 2009


Wifey Boyd

Delaney is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Congrats on Daughter #2, your girls are adorable! I am glad to hear that Mommy & Baby are doing well. ENJOY!!!

Beth Ann Hubert

Congratulations!!! LOVE the name...Delaney is our favorite name for a future baby girl so I was so excited to see it! She is precious! Glad everyone is healthy! Enjoy your beautiful new blessing!

Miranda B.

Oh, Matthew! She's beautiful!! Congrants on a new baby girl!! Praying for you guys!

In Him,

Stephanie K.

Aw, she is adorable. Congratulations. :)


She is adorable! I love baby's. I have a baby brother and like you said the days go by way to quickly. (listen to me i sound like a grown up! I want the days to go by, so i can drive. JK!) Anyway she is beautiful and your new song is great too.


awwww! She is soo prety and cute, And I Love her name . Congrats! :)

Whitnee Hogg

Wow, she is a beautiful baby! Cherish each moment!

Jennifer Eckert

Congratulations on the new girl. It sounds like everything went well. Unfortunately you don't live in Minnesota and go to my church. Otherwise I would be calling you in a few days to set up meals for your family.

The Children's pastor at my church went to the hospital today with his wife for their first (they will be getting the call from me soon). Unfortunately that baby is about 2 weeks early because his wife slipped on ice and hit her belly hard enough to cause the water to break. I'll probably have an update on that tomorrow via our church's email prayer chain.

Steve and Heather Paiva

Congratulations West family your gift has arrived!!
May God give you a smooth transition into a family of 4!!
we will be looking for a picture of the sisters together!
love the RI fam

Chuck Petersen

Praise the Lord for a healthy baby and safe delivery. We were praying and checking your web site every hour on Monday. Ruth is a beautiful name, our youngest daughter's middle name is Ruth (we have 3 daughters). You will soon realize that no boy is worthy of dating your daughters.

Mary Adam

So glad to hear that everything went well with Delaney's birth! Congratulations Matthew, Emily & Lulu!! What a beautiful addition to your family! God bless you all!

Aaron Chambers

Congratulations Matthew to you and the whole West crew. She's beautiful and we can't wait to meet her!

Cathy Jackson

Congrats, Matthew, Emily and big sister Lulu! She is beautiful and you are all blessed! What a miracle she is!
Love to all

Jennifer Eckert

Just thought I would give you a quick update on our Children's Pastor. He and his wife had a baby boy that was over 8 lbs early this morning (Wednesday). So who knows how big the kid would have been after 2 more weeks. Everyone is doing fine from what I've heard so far.

Sarah Taylor

Oh, my word, she is BREATHTAKING. And so is your writing. Thank you for posting this for all of us who enjoy hearing about your life. I love that you are surrounded by beautiful women - your wife and now your two girls. And just when I thought you couldn't ever find a name as good as LuLu, you hit us with Delaney. Well played.


Congratulations to you and your family!
Honestly, the first time I heard of you and saw you was in INDY (at THE CREEK) right before you went home to "have your baby"! The concert was WONDERFUL and EXCITING! I'm still singing songs in my head at home and while I'm at work! Thank you for your gift of song and may you and your family continue to be blessed because of the spiritual gifts you give to others when you sing and give testimony of your life before our Great God! I've downloaded songs from that Sundays concert by you AND the 2 other Great Groups that played with you. God has open my eyes to the true gifts of music and I'm trying to fill my head with that and not all the negative stuff out there at thepresent. Thank You so much! God Bless and keep you safe on the road.


She is beautiful!
I love her name.

Kristin Camiolo

She is so beautiful...
my Rosie is impressed with her little hat! :)
You all have been in our prayers, I will have to show G the picture when she gets home, she had us checking the webpage about every 30 seconds on Monday! : )

Welcome, Delaney...and congrats, fam!

Lei Peavy

Congratulations on baby girl #2! She is precious! Is Lulu (big sister) her real name, or is it short for something? Levi (your stage friend from Alabama) wanted to know if the baby had made it here, so we looked it up. She really is beautiful. Congrats to you and your family-God has blessed you greatly.

Lei (and Levi) Peavy

Kim Berry

Congrats!! We met you at the MWS weekend and became fans of you!! The weekend changed our marriage. We came home pumped to share with our 4 kids. Just finished listening to your awesome CD for the 2nd time today! I pray that life with your precious girls is not a blur...they will be 15 before you know it!!!

Geoff Hilton

Congratulations on your new baby. Me and my family went to your concert in Bismarck, North Dakota where we discovered that both of our families were going to be expanding in February 2009. We had our baby, Ashlee Lynn on February 17, 2009. My wife went into the hospital on February 16 to be induced, but didn't have the baby until the 17th. God bless you and your family and your music. Your music is a blessing for my family. Thank you.

Jodie Fleming



hope all is well with you, Matt!

I actually went to high school with you (we were in Chem clas together- remember Mr. Redig?), so i feel really proud that i know someone famous :)

Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl!

You guys really do make some gorgeous kids!

Tammy Carlton

Congratulations! What a Blessing!
She is just precious!
You have one beautiful family there!


My middle name is DeLane, so I love her name and have never heard of anyone naming their child this, but I absolutely love it!!!
Congrats on your new baby girl:)
God Bless you

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