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February 27, 2009



That IS a crazy look. Prayer won't help you dude - drugs may, though. LOL
Is it cold in Chicago at the moment?


Ha Ha cool haircut! It kind of looks like my Dad's Hair,execpt he's old!
Have a great Day,


Your band members didn't have to "tie you down" this time? You actually did it willingly? That's O.K. I still love you! :) Love the pic!

Carrie Law

This picture really made me laugh... You are one of a kind Matthew!

Jennifer Eckert

Now the question of the day: which is longer the hair on top of the head or the hair on the 5 o'clock shadow/ incoming beard?

Emi "Pikados"

It's OK, Matt, that's what hats are for! :)


Lol Very Funny !!

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