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February 19, 2009


Steve and Heather Paiva

very very sweet .............hope the time flys while your away..but I have to say I wish we were at your concert tonight! Oh well...cd's work well too

Whitnee Hogg

Aww, that is just too cute! LuLu is so sweet and is going to make a great big sister!

Jennifer Eckert

Love the picture. Unfortunately Minnesota is a little far from Wichita otherwise I would have tried to be there singing along the best I could (sorry don't own any CDs yet but it's weeks till my birthday and will hopefully be getting some CDs then). Hopefully the audience is as loud as they were at the Excel Energy Center, St Paul March 1 last year (it was a great concert and your set was too short).

Miranda B.

Lulu and Delaney are absolutely beautiful! Praying for you tonight, brother. And this weekend as you guys tour it up! Much love to you and the beautiful family! =]

In Him,


LuLu is so cute! I can't Believe she is 3 already! Delaney is cute too!

Brendan Twyman

hey congrats man I hope you get back and see her soon but I still am glad you came to wichita cause you showed others that christians love their God and we still have fun while doing it...i hope though wichita suprised you guys with how crazy we were hahaha and i hope to here that crazy girl with the video phone song on a cd haha!!! Thanks again God Bless you and yours at this amazing time with the entry of Delaney West

Theresa Neal

Congratulations on the new arrival! They are both beautiful girls. I met you at the Kentuckiana concert and you signed a CD for my son who is getting married. Thank you, it meant a lot to him and his fiance. I did want you to know that your concert was not in my plans until my husband met your stage manager at LAC that day and asked if I wanted to attend. It was my first Christian concert and I have to tell you that you touched me with your songs and your words in ways I did not expect. Thank you and keep doing what you do, especially now because one day you will have a couple of weddings of your own to pay for! Thank you again and God Bless you and your family.

Emily Fox

Matthew, I'm so happy for you and your family about the arrival of Delaney into your family. She is beautiful!
We met a couple times on the KLOVE cruise in January....I'm originally from Chicago and we talked about that. My nephew is involved in the production of a new movie about the Cubs, due out in a few months. They are looking for artists to submit music for the Soundtrack and I thought you might be interested in that, since you're a Chicagoan and a fantastic musician. It would also be awesome to have a Christian influence on the soundtrack. After all, the Cubs have alwaays been a lot about *hope*! :-) Here's the Web site address with info on the call for artists to submit music if you're interested: http://www.webelievethemovie.com/index.php?body=music
I know you're a little busy right now with your family, but when my nephew mentioned that they had gathered music so far from Chicago, Earth Wind & Fire, Frank Sinatra (My Kind of Town)... your name came to mind. I hope it works out!!


She is so beautiful and has a head full of hair. Congratulations! Daddy


They are both so precious.... a true gift from GOD

michelle dozier

hi sweetie u have been my inspiration n me life i follow all of your stuff an mail. i am a wonderfull christian and love your music. what really gets me is emotions i have recently started going back 2 church an listen to k love i am 35 years old and the lord above has made me stronger everyday. im ready... its been a blessing to live and learn your lyrics to your music. god bless u and your family....

Lindsey Jackson

I'm a huge fan of Save a place for me. FOr 5 1/2 years of my life I've had some really hard struggles. When I herad the the song Save a place for me I felt comforted by the words of this song. I'm praying for your family with your new blessings. You have 2 beautiful daughters and God bless you for your wonderful music you bring joy to your listeners. GOD BLESS!

Kelly Gratzel

matthew your an amazing singer and i love you!!!!!!! also your children are beautiful

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