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February 21, 2009


Jennifer Eckert

I hear the song approximately every 2 hours on Air1 when I'm at work. So I usually get to hear it about 4 times in a day before going to bed. I like the concept of the "Motions Resolution". Air 1 is mentioning it as well. I've already posted my motions resolution.

Whitnee Hogg

That is awesome! I have been hearing it alot on Air1! I love the song! I usually make an appoint to listen to it at least once a day to keep me inspired not to go through the "Motions" It is so cute, my 3 year old daughter has caught onto the song and is now singing "I dont want to go through the Motions" That is the only part she knows. It is amazing, she will just randomly start singing it. She probably has no idea what it means, but its a start :)

Jessie Hagan


Motions is getting good airplay here in Louisville, and I really like it a lot, especially since we got to see it live last week.

Congratulations on your new little daughter, she is adorable, as well as Lulu too.

I wanted to share a link to the pictures I took at the show here in Louisville and tell you if you want copies from this show, or the other pictures you saw from the tour with BarlowGirl, just drop me a line at:




"The Motions" is definitely one of my new favorites! I lead a group that does interpretive worship Sign Language to contemporary Christian songs - and "The Motions" is next on the list! :-) I can't wait to do it and tell the group that we can do all the right "motions" of worship to be "seen" by people, but until we allow ourselves to be sold out to God, it's just a waste of energy and time.

Continue to challenge us - as Christians - to live our lives fully, completely from the heart and to serve God with our entire being.

Mikaela Ashworth

First off, congrats on the new beautiful baby girl. She is so precious.

I thank God for what you are doing. The songs that you write truly do come from God and I thank you for allowing Him to use you to speak to so many people. "The Motions" is such an amazing song. I don't think I've heard it on the radio yet..I heard it here on your website. It is a convicting song...it really made me think. I grew up in a Christian home. Christianity is really all I've ever known and although I think that is a HUGE blessing, I wonder how much I am really just going through the motions. I know all of the right words to say, I know how to act, I can give you Biblical answers, but I don't know that I give my everything to God. I want my relationship with Him to be completely genuine and that starts with me putting forth that effort. Thanks for the inspiration...
God bless you and your family




Even way out in the boonies of Western Washington I'm hearing The Motions...from the stations I can pick up from the Bellingham area. Thank you for the inspiration!


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