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March 31, 2009


Jennifer Eckert

That is an awesome story and I'm sure the song is as well. By Friday I will be loading the rest of your songs onto my MP3 player assuming there is no delay in delivery. I love gift cards for birthdays as they make buying CDs and books easier.


So when is your song "Stop the world" going to come out? :P it's AWESOME!


I was driving down the road w/ my boyfriend in Feb...we heard this song & knew this was the song...It describes our life perfectly


love the music...love the song. Listening to it right now.


Great song! Could you post a high res version of the album art for those of us that downloaded the radio version? Thanks.

Hermes Replica

It was a very dark time for me as well, so I can relate. I pray for you and your family that the Lord will use this for HIS glory!

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