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March 23, 2009



I read Ryan's story and I want to thank you for putting things into perspective every time I hear "the motions." You see I want my kids (ages 7 and 9) to grow up living for God the way Ryan did and not just going through "the motions." And I have come to the conclusion that the best way to teach them that is to lead by example, but the example and the motions have to be real.

The first time I ever heard your songs (any of them) was last Easter at our church. And I purchased all of your albums that day. I put them in my CD player in the car and now even when I don't have them playing, my kids request your CD's. So, when they announced that you are coming back to our church for Easter services again, my kids and I were soooo excited. You see, I was going through the motions of this life waiting to see if that alone would make a difference and your music has inspired me to live as an example to my kids and make a difference that will make them want a closer relationship with Him.....my daughter (9) asked me to go to baptism class with her so that she could be baptised just like Jesus....the difference is being made. Thank you....

Jennifer Eckert

I got that email and am daily trying to live my faith out loud. I'm in the phase of trying to figure out how to do that at work in a secular environment that has the policy of clean, good repair, and inoffensive. The last parts covers a broad spectrum of areas including religious beliefs (regardless of religious affiliation). It's an understandable policy in light of the company having offices on at least 3 continents and employees from the rest, so there are many religious worldviews.


Ryan was a very good friend of mine. He impacted my life as much in life as he has the live's of countless others in death. Ryan lived his faith out loud every day that he walked this earth. He is the greatest man of God I've known and I cannot wait to see him again one day. Thank you, Matthew, for writing this song that made such an impact on Ryan's life and in turn so many others including myself.


Ryan was one of the best friends i have ever had. He was so strong in his faith and you couldn't help but to follow his example. Even while he's in heaven he is still impacting lives with his story. Ryan is my role model. Can't wait to see him in heaven!!! Love you Ryan....


This song, this young man, confirmed God's ever-present hand in my life, yet again...


I am a sophomore were Ryan went to school. He graduated last year. He was everyones friend. I never saw him get mad at anyone. He was a wonderful person. Our school and community miss him greatly. Our school retired his basketball jersey.

breanna pogue

i didn't know ryan but he sounds like he was a great guy, he has impacted our church ( Peacable Valley) and it has done wonders for us. alot of people have been dedicating their lives to the lord ever since they heard about ryan mcafee. there was alot of heartache in our community.he wwas obviously loved to death. he will always be remembered in my heart, even though i didnt know him. and i just want to thank matthew west for doing a benefit for ryan. i hope everyone comes.

Lindsey Ross

Ryan was a really close church memeber through my high school years. His family is one of the best group of people I believe I have every seen. His life was totally devoted to Christ and he showed that in everything he did. You almost never saw him lacking a smile and he was always willing to help. I remember one summer at Church camp that I was having a hard day, he came up to me as I was sitting on the bball court and asked me what was wrong. I talked to him about my family problems that were bothing me and his advice was GIVE IT TO GOD. His words will always be with me. No matter how many times I will hear these from anyone else I will remember his words. His life was lived for God and through Ryan so many lives are changed for the better. God blessed us with having him in our town and on this earth! God Bless Ryan McAfee.

Hermes Replica

It was a very dark time for me as well, so I can relate. I pray for you and your family that the Lord will use this for HIS glory!

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