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March 27, 2009



Listening to you right now... From Texas... Needing a few words of hope/something. Feb 23rd My boyfriend comitted suicide... He had taken up being a father to my child && a major part of my life... no note or anything was left && his family and I all talked to him that night & he was fine... i'm having trouble understanding why god lets/makes people go through these things ... Just not something I'm understanding... i'm afraid im losing myself & my sanity in all of this

Whitnee Hogg

geez...you can't name that tune and your an artist j/k Listened to your interview on Air1...encouraging! Thanks!

Jennifer Eckert

Is it safe to assume that all the cities were via Air1? I listened to the interview online while at work in Minnesota just outside of the standard radio range. The moment Scott said that you would be on in about 10 minutes, I got a big grin on my face that didn't leave until after the interview was done. Thankfully I did not have to do anything that required headphones with no online radio (I am the person that reviews the calls that fall under "This call may be monitored for Quality Control").

As for the name that tune, when Kelly was saying Skillet, I was thinking Noooooo, it's "Things left unsaid" by Disciple (unfortunately I do work with other people so talking out loud to self or radio is not recommended).


Matthew, I just want you to know how much I love the song Motions. I know you get this alot...but it has really worked wonders in my life. Thanks for the challenge of FAITH!

~Kelsey Hatzidakis~

Hermes Replica

It was a very dark time for me as well, so I can relate. I pray for you and your family that the Lord will use this for HIS glory!

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