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April 17, 2009


Bethany Ellis

That sounds great! Congrats on meeting them.. looks like you were having fun :)

Jeff C. (from newburgh, & right to life banquet)

I had the pleasure of hearing you at the banquet. You were amazing, I loved, hearing how God healed your voice. You seemed to really give Him, and only Him the glory.
I am not sure you heard the Choir of First Christian Church of Newburgh or not but I had the Blessing of being part of that choir. Again Sarah was Good but I enjoyed your part the most.

Jennifer Eckert

Sounds like you had fun. Maybe tonight you'll get to bed earlier and get more than 4 hours sleep.


Thanks for sharing that story... judging from the tweets I was gettin I assumed you were very excited about the matter. Looks like I wasn't wrong.

Steve and Heather Paiva

Now not only do my kids think your the coolest...but now my husband is pretty jealous too ;-) he is a political junkie!! Wish we could have been there to support LIFE hear you sing and hear Sarah Palin...she is quite a role model for all of our daughters!!
Blessing on the GMA night...you rate in our book!! My son wants you to know that we have a twitter account "paivafam" and we follow you ...you can follow our exciting life too.....:-) I mean in your spare time!!

Ann Marie Tomlinson

Thanks for the great music. I've just started listening to Spirit FM 90.5 in Tampa, FL. Your song, "The Motions", was the first song that caught my attention.

Thank you! I think about the words of the song and I am inspired to put more of my heart into my attempts to "do the right thing".


'the motions' is just TOO awesome. Ten thumbs up! I LUVVIT!

God is amazing, and HE is certainly taking you places... HE's the cause of all of this. And I'm certainly happy HE's using you.


Phil Keaggy's lyrics "who will speak up for the little ones" should motivate us all to defend their right to life. Glad to know you are a supporter of that right, the life that is God-breathed. My husband and I had a little life whom we defended until God carried him into heaven. His middle name was "survivor" b/c he survived as long as God had planned, amidst all the advice to end his life prematurely. So thanks for speaking up for the little ones, like mine.


I love all your songs on your new album. I love the song Life Inside You. I hope it speaks to those thinking of abortion.

Richard Pratt

Are you sure that's not Tina Fey?

Hermes Replica

I assumed you were very excited about the matter. Looks like I wasn't wrong.

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