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May 03, 2009



It is amazing to me how God can use a single person to speak to so many people. Every person has something to say. God can use any of us. Thank you so much for choosing to use what you have to glorify God and set an example to others. Your love for God is so evident in your lyrics, and your website. I am always dissapointed when I decide to check out a so called "Christian" artists website and find no sign of their Christianity. A website is a perfect opportunity to show people what you believe and why you believe it.
Praying for you, your wife, and your 2 precious little girls...
God bless,
Mikaela from Indiana http://hischild-thelifeofme.blogspot.com/

Whitnee Hogg

So true. About a year and a half ago, I was faced with a worst case scenario. I recieved a phone call saying my mom had passed away in her sleep at home in her own home. no goodbyes, no illness. I told God there is no way, I can't live as a 23 yr old w/2 children and no mom/gma. God reminded me of that verse Phil. 4:13. that yes you can do it with my help. Thank you for sharing this because I too know that YOU CAN do all things through Christ.

Gary and Lolly Tope

My wife and I are missionaries to Malawi, Africa and to India. We took God seriously and sold our house and everything else. We went on the mission field full time and now have a nursery school in Madyelo Village as well as several branches of Revival Miracle Ministries. We built a church/community center there and hope to have a secondary free school, a clinic and other small business ventures to assist the people there to have jobs and hope for the future. We have seen many terrific miracles and wonders. We got out of the four walls, messed up our comfort zone and are walking with God. now we are truly living. We are in Tucson, AZ to work and make money for our return to Malawi. Our email address is gary_tope@yahoo.com. Would love to hear from you and we will keep you in prayer. Ambuye Akidalitseni. (may the Lord be with you), gary and Lolly Tope


So glad I found your blog.

Maureen Schaffer

I am scheduled for the same surgery on July 6th. I am a worship leader, bible college teacher, conference speaker and bible study leader. Please pray for me that the outcome would be for His glory.

Jennifer Eckert

I never get tired of hearing (or reading) what God did with and through your time of silence. It keeps reminding me that God has something in store for me that will bring Him all glory, honor, and praise.

Randy Miller

Matthew...are you on facebook? Come share brother.


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Hey Matthew this is Natalie! I love that i found your blog! cause i need to tell you something... There was a tornado maybe a little bit more than 6miles away from our house and my classmates Grandpa past away. Because it was his b day and his daughter thought she should work at the gas station so he wouldn't have to. He heard about the tornado so he went to check on her and he saw it coming so than he told her and she went into a walk in a cooler. But another costumer came in and she got out and let the person go in. So my classmates grandpa Wes (whose bday it was) covered his daughter and he blew further than the gas pump and she flew a little bit but he ended up passing away. Please keep the family in your prayers!! And also can you email the family - they really need encouragement from you cause everyone pretty much knows you!! (I included their email on the bottom) Thank you that would be great!!!! Thanks!


p.s. You should tell them your story too, because it is so wonderful.


Sometimes the doctor says, "Ma'am, I'm sorry to tell you that you have pancreatic cancer." It doesn't matter that you're only 38, have no risk factors, are a Christian homeschooler with young kids, one of whom is autistic. You cry and you gnash your teeth and you can't sleep. You fret and you pray and you want to bargain for your life, but there's nothing you can give God that He doesn't already hold in His Hand. You find yourself on your knees on the mucky floor of the bathroom stall at the cancer center where you see people some of whom are on the verge of death. You swear you don't belong in this building, but the CT scan says otherwise. You see healthy people walking in the sunshine outside the window on their way to somewhere else, but they now live in a world that is farther away from you than Mars. Yesterday you were eating hot dogs and cheering for your kid at the church T-ball game and now you might be dying. This cannot be happening. But it is. And still God is God, He is good, and He loves you. He will not leave you or your children. He sent His Son before you and will hold you all the way through whatever comes to pass. You can serve Him well in whatever situation you are in, because when you are weak He is strong. He meets you at a defining point and becomes more real than ever before...and that glimpse is a privilege. You can share a taste with others, but you get the whole enchilada. It's horrible but somehow a special time with God. Because of Christ, we can live our faith. We truly can. And it's amazing!

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