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May 14, 2009


Jennifer Eckert

It's a good message. It'll be interesting to watch this weeks clip once it's posted.


God has put us to trust and hear the word.You are blessed and HE has your path pave. Continue to trust in HIM.You are the testimony of what GOD can do.Love you man!Keep it going God Bless You and your Fam. Luis

elizabeth from wi

what an encouraging post, thank you soooo much!


I just read Joni Tada's book When God Weeps. It's very real and basically about what Sono Harris termed "God's strange mathematics." We serve a God Who sometimes empties to fill, cuts off to draw near, "destroys" to save. What a concept to grasp! Suffering hurts! It's hard to see past it; we hate our tragedies and often don't understand them. We don't know why, but God does. And somehow it really is all for our good and His glory. It's all about trust. God is holy and sovereign, but also...He's got your back. Imagine Love like that!

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