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May 01, 2009



We had dance recital dress rehearsal tonight, and I had to wrestle my daughter's MOUNTAIN of hair into the specified "low ponytail parted to the left!"...and had one of those FLASH moments, remembering 3 years ago when G was on chemo and losing piles of hair (she lost about 1/2)...a really, really dark time (the hair was on the low end of our worries, really)...
and God was with us.
It's good to remember.
Kristin & the Camiolo crew

Jennifer Eckert

I saw the documentary at the Boomin'/Beyond Measure stop in Minneapolis last year. It was good then. May God continue to use it to reach people.

Ingrid Geisler

Hi, me and my fiance Keith met you in Merced, CA in Nov 08.You showed us the " Nothing to Say" video and "The Motions".Thank you! Today, I listen to "Motions" as it makes it to the second week as #1 of top 20 songs. Congratulations!
I am the latina lady who approached you after the concert to tell you about my desire to help build an orphanage in El Savador.I left my email, but it's until now I figured how to say hi to you.
It is your love for God, your parents, the children that I admire you for. Praise Him that all transpires from the tallent He's given you!

Patricia Arrigoni

Praise God,
I just watched the first part of your documentary, and it has taken me back to my own time when after surgery I lost my voice. During cancer surgery by vocal cords were paralized, as a consequence I have no voice for nearly two years. It was a very tring time in my life. I'm a correctional officer that has to have a voice to work. God has given me my voice back,(praise Him) but still struggle with my paralized vocal cords. They were paralyzed open which gave me no sound, now they close but do not want to open back up. This gives me problems breathing, I have been in and out of ICU due to this difficulty. I know God is greater than all my needs and will heal me completely. My prayer is that I would learn all that He would through this trial. Thank you Matthew West for your testimony and dedication to our Lord. It comforts me to know someone else has known my pain. God bless!
Patricia of California

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