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May 16, 2009



Wish I could have been in Florida at Busch Gardens today! I would LOVE to have seen you all and hit those rides! Glad you had fun. Have a great time at the beach with your wife. ~Lori~

Holly Hebert

Hey Matt~
I just had a friend tell in an email that 'The Motions' was his favorite song. I smiled as I read the email. In my delayed response...email isn't fast enough to share my enthusiasm about you, your music and your message, I ditto'ed him. He actually took the time to email your lyrics to our bible study group to encourage us in our walks.
Wow. That's just a glimpse of how you touch lives.
My kids, (Ryan 8 and Cassidy 6) sing The Motions at the top of their lungs. I LOVE that. I remember meeting you at spirit west coast Monterey and telling you how my son sings "More" the same way. You are a household name around here. Thanks for being such a positive and uplifting messenger in the lives of both me and my family.
Your story is so powerful. Your words/lyrics have moved me since the first time I heard you. Your one of those rare artists that's actually better live.
I'm looking forward to seeing you back in Monterey this summer.
Blessings to you and your family~

Jennifer Eckert

Have fun at the beach. Saw your video on XVZ on JCTV. You remind me of Elvis in Jailhouse Rock (I've only seen part of it) during the concert footage. I'm encouraged every time I hear the song. I will stop what I'm doing at work to listen to it and lip sync along.

Angela Francis

The show Saturday was great, and MAN hot isn't the word for it, it was absolutely scorching out in that sun, at least you were someone covered--if that helped at all. But you were amazing. it was my first time seeing you, and as a performing myself, I must say you had the best stage presence of them all.
you should have hit the water rides, Cvongo River Rapids will def. cool you down.


Thank you for being in Birmingham for the Women's Conference. It was awesome. I spoke to you after your show, thank you for telling me I have a beautiful voice. I lost my voice 20 + years ago and everyday someone asks me what's wrong with me. I thank God that your voice was spared and that you are healed. Your voice and talent is God's gift and He has preserved it for all of us to enjoy. The loss of my voice has helped me learn patience, although I have to admit it isn't always easy.
Thank you for being an inspiration to so many.

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