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May 26, 2009



Wow. Thank you for sharing Ryan's story. We certainly do serve an amazing God.


Praise God! What a wonderful legacy Ryan has left, better than most Christians could leave in a lifetime. May God bless you Lance, and your family. May you all be filled with joy over your brother's memory, and his work and passion while here and here after.



I only HOPE to touch lives as much. Remember we are all in this no matter the sacrifice!


This story as well as the song has very much touched my heart. I am a youth leader at a pentecostal church in Mansfield,Louisiana. Since hearing this story did I not only publish got all of my youth to read it but did an youth service sermon centered around the song "Motions" We have begun a summer contest with the youth called "summer of fire" where our young people bring friends/family members with them to church and earn points for each time they come. At the end of the summer whomever has the most points wins a $100 visa gift card. Before begining this contest I printed out and let each one of them sign it that said "FROM THIS DAY FOURTH I WILL NOT JUST GO THROUGH THE MOTIONS, I WILL NOT GO ONE MORE DAY WITHOUT HIS ALL CONSUMEING PASSION INSIDE OF ME BECUASE I DON'T WANT TO SPEND MY WHOLE LIFE ASKING 'WHAT IF I HAD GIVEN EVERYTHING" INSTEAD OF GOING THROUGH THE MOTIONS" It is posted in big red letters at the very back of our church just as you walk in so everyone see it! My youth group has added 3 more brand new young people in just the past 2 weeks since doing this. Keep you your good work!


Ryan, may you be at peace wherever you may lie.

Ray Earley

Ryan was a student that I had met when he was about 15 at Kiamichi Baptist Assembly. I was his Bible study teacher for 3 summers. God is glorified in Ryan because Ryan was satisfied in God. As John Piper states, "God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him".

Bro. Ray
John 17:17

Mariann Cannon

Lance, I have never met you or your brother, but you father is a wonderful guy. God does have a plan, and Ryan has touched more people just at his memorial service than some touch in 90 years. I lost two sisters and know the void it leaves behind. Just know that the memories become more precious with time. MC


That is an awesome story. It certainly made me stop and think about my life and where I stand. If I was to die today, how would I be remembered? God is SO awesome, isn't He?!

Alicia Clifford

About once a month the youth at our church perform human videos, bringing to life some of todays most popular christian contemporary songs. Last Sunday they chose The Motions by Matt West. They began by sharing Ryan's story with us, and I was so moved by the lyrics, and the message they conveyed. I am so sorry for your loss, but I pray you'll find peace in knowing that Ryan, his love for others, and his love for God are changing lives. I thank God that even at such a young age, Ryan opened his heart to the Lord, and allowed His will in his life. Such wisdom at that age is truly amazing. I will share Ryan's story with my friends and family, and be praying for you and yours. God Bless
Alicia Clifford, Maine

Corey Cantrell

my name is corey and Ryan was my cousin. its still hard to this day realizing that he cant come back to see us but only knowing that i will see him again in heaven. But i just want to personally thank Matthew West for putting on a concert here in Mcalester,Ok in the memory of Ryan McAfee. March 2,2009 was one of the hardest days in my life, i had just gotten out of baseball practice when one of my close friends got a messege about his passing i just couldnt believe that god would take a person like ryan that loved GOD with all his heart and devoted himself to the lords work, i struggled with this until the funeral where Ryans preacher held an invitation and 20 plus people gave there lives to christ and then i understood why god took Ryan from us. its still hard and i still cry when i think about Ryan, but i know that my savior will get us threw everything. this concert on october 15th is going to have a huge impact on the city of mcalester so thank you from the bottom of my heart Matthew

Barbara Hosler

My teenage son and I just heard about this story while listening to KLOVE on the way to school this morning. I came home and looked it up to find this blog.

What an amazing testimony. Thank you for sharing. 0:-) God bless you, Lance.

God bless you, Matthew West, for writing such a beautiful song.

-Barbara Hosler
El Paso, TX

cathy sly

matthew, thanks so much for coming to our town! it was wonderful! confirming all that i knew ....God is able to use anybody and any circumstance for His glory and He is so worthy of our praises! thanks for worshiping with us here in mcalester,small town,USA! where we prefer mcalester :)! i will keep u and yours in prayer and believe that God will bless your tour mightily and be glorified beyond your wildest imaginations because of your willingness to obey! cathy sly

Slava Lenkov

I knew Ryan since I was a freshman in Canadian OK. He always helped me with my school work and he taught me how to play basketball. The whole time I've known him, I never seen him mad. He always looked on the bright side, no matter how bad the situation was. He taught me a lot of things and I really miss him.

Vickey Silvers

I am an editor for Christian.com which is a social network dedicated to the christian community. As I look through your web site I feel a collaboration is at hand. I would be inclined to acknowledge your website offering it to our users as I'm sure our Pentecostal audience would benefit from what your site has to offer. I look forward to your thoughts or questions regarding the matter.

Vicky Silvers


God is limitless! it is amazing how many people i know personally that have been touched by this song! now to hear all the stories of others and how it is the center of a ministry spreading the passion for a truely surrender life for Christ, i just cant help but cry and praise God's glorious ways! thank you matthew west for embracing His passion and inspiring others to not only go through the motions, but live all out! an obvious life devoted and surredered to our Savior!

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Robert Ramsey

I Attended High School With Ryan At Canadian HS. I can Honestly say Noone there had the type of Passion or Love for Christ as Ryan so very much Did. I was a freshman and he was a senior. He and my Brother were friends and I remember he got very ill one week and we had a big basketball game coming up. Needless to say he made it and he Played the best i'd seen anyone play. That was Passion. He was a great man. A man of God...Rest in Peace Ryan.

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