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June 05, 2009



i really did miss the new blog posts. :)
sounds like you had a great time in LA.

Jennifer Eckert

I did not put my life on hold. I just checked the blog once daily. Besides it was fun to see you tweet about almost celeb sitings. And you have a semi valid excuse...a wife and 2 young kids:) Glad the trip went well.


Oh my goodness! I went to Crystal Cathedral with my school's Select Choir last year in June. I think its so cool that you performed there. I also love your songs. You have the power to do amazing things because you have Jesus on your side! If you can keep in touch with me that would be awesome.

Rebecca Cook

You inspired me. I was nervous to speak at the Crystal Cathedral that same day, and after you sang, I felt the Lord's presence and was able to boldly share. Thank you.
Becca Cook


I love your voice God has truly given you a gift and I'm so glad he included me so I could hear it. I do is one of the most beautiful songs I've heard. I wanted to know if you ever take any other songs people write and breathe life into them? May God put a blanket of protection over your family and continue giving you His guidance in your life.--jan

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