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July 01, 2009



Whoo hooo.

Jennifer Eckert

It'll be interesting to see all of the cool thins that will be added.


I like the new site. :)



#1 Matthew West fan!!!

Fancy!!! = )

Mitch DeMoss

Hello Matthew, I wrote a song you may be interested in,(I am not a songwriter) but GOD did put it on my heart...it is called all or nothing...it is about some of my stuggles in life..bottom line its all or nothing for JESUS ...if you would like to make something of it.please let me know and i can scan and e-mail it to you...thanks for your time..
In His Mighty Grip Mitch

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Hey, Matthew!
I'm Clare. I've been a huge fan of yours ever since I was a little girl! I just got back from your Story of Your Life concert in Lafayette, Louisiana! We had a great time! So many of the stories touched my heart! Most of all was the song "Strong Enough," which has been inspiring me since it came out! It inspires me, because I have just been through so much in this past year. To start off, I have Ulcerative Colitis ( a disease which I get chronic ulcers in my colon from). Well, one day after my mom and I were going home from a treatment for me, we heard your song on the radio... needless to say, we both were on the verge of tears! Because it not only reflected how I was weak phisicly, but also mentaly, from the toll my condition took on me and my family. I knew, the whole time of my flare-up, that I needed to stay strong, not for myself... but for my parents! It gave me hope that I would get better... without a doubt! And here I am 1 year later, proof that with God, no one is too weak, in one way or another! Thank you, so much for giving hope to me, when I needed it the most!
Your Sister In Christ,
Clare :)

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