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December 14, 2007


brian gradoville


I listened to an interview you did on 89.1 The Spirit, Cedar Rapids Ia 52402 today 1/8/08. you spoke of your grandmother who had 10 children, 9 boys 1 girl. You had also said that she lost one in Vietnam. Well that story touched me because I'm one of 10 kids 9 boys and 1 girl. My older brother was killed in Vietnam 40 years ago. I had a son who was able see you in concert last year in Waterloo, Ia with my wife, his mom and his teacher who he has much respect for. His teacher had been sick and he thought that you concert would brighten his day. He was very thirlled when he got to go behind stage and you signed his CD for him.
It is really amazing how our paths cross or we come in contact with stories that link us together. I would be interested in knowing where your uncle was serving in Vietnam.

Thanks for making the world a better place with your music and organization.

Keep Looking Up,

Brian gradoville

Wendy Graphman

I recently went to your concert in Indianapolis IN with my 13 Year old Son Sean. We had a great time and really enjoyed it. The most disappointing thing is that we only got to hear about 3 songs from you. I was hoping to hear so many more! I did buy your new album that night. I want to especially thank you for the song "Save A Place for Me" I can relate. My dad died in a house fire April of 06 and everthing came back unknown. Cause of fire... cause of death... so many questions with no answers. I really leaned on your song "The End" at that time alot. I believe it came out about that time or that is when I found it anyways. It's not the end of the world ... Some days it feels like it though. I just wish I had the answers.

I do praise the Lord with you that you are able to continue to sing and write songs. Each and every song touches me in a new way. I could go on and on.
Thanks for using your talents for the Lord.



I just want you to know how much your song has spoken to me during this last week.

My mother, suffered a stroke, her last of many this last week and we had to take her off all food and water. The last ten days have been such an emotional and spiritual journey for me...sitting next to her bedside as I watched her life slip away.

Before I left to go be with her I had purchased your album, unaware of this song. As we sat next to her, we would use my media player to play the hymns she loved so dearly. On Saturday she slipped into a coma and as I sat there, helpless, lonely, loosing my mother, I clicked on your song,Save A Place For Me....and the tears began to flow. She went home to be with her Creator on Monday. I am rejoicing that she is Home...but the pain I am feeling now is unbearable at times. I am so thankful for the hope that we have in the Lord.

Now reading your journal here...I had to write you and share with you how much it means to me...this song. Thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit minister to you for others.

Praying for you and yours...

Colleen Pusateri


Where is Matthew West from?


Thank you so much for your song "Save a Place for me". June 12, 2009 I lost my father to cancer . . . for the weeks before he died I kept asking him "Daddy, can I go with you?" He always said no. But I know that I will see him again in the great cloud of witnesses and He's saving a place for me!


Where is your dad a minister? I loved your concert last night in Midland! Great testimony for everyone!! Keep up the great work for the Lord!




Thank you so much for this song. On July 14th 2009 I lost my best friend and biggest influence, my Nana. She was 87. She had a stroke the day before I was to leave for a christian youth conference with the students from my church and my brother and cousin. She was excited for us to go and about the things God has done in other students lives there. The day after the stroke, we had to say goodbye to her. She was in a coma but I remember just hugging her and holding her hand and telling her we were leaving for the conference and how much I loved her. Saying goodbye was one of the hardest things I've ever done. But we went knowing she wanted us there. While we were away, she passed to be with the Lord. It was difficult to be thousands of miles away. But my younger brother and cousin and I had each other and were blessed to be surrounded by thousands of other Christians in such a time.

I heard this song on the radio while I was driving over to their house to shovel the other night and I remember just crying the entire way home. But your song has encouraged me and helps me remember something my Nana said to me a couple months before she passed. She asked me to promise her that I'll see her in heaven some day. So now I ask her to save a place for me :)

Thank you again for the song and keep up the good work!



Matthew, I add my thanks to you for your song. My 21 year old daughter died 4 months ago from a motor cycle accident. She was a Marine, a wife of a Marine and mother of a 2 year old. But she was my baby. I miss her fiercely and your song comforts me. Again, thank you.

Laura Jaden

This song is comforting my family in a very needed way. My uncle who is 66, has been in & out of all the hospitals in Lexington has been really ill for the last year and a half. His wife, Etta was his rock, doing all the things a caretaker does and keeping him as happy & comfortable as she could. This past Monday, she was involved in a terrible car crash & was pronounced dead at the scene. I played the song for my mom, she said through teary eyes and smiling, "that is what I needed to hear"


This song has been playing recently on our KLOVE station. A week ago it had simply been a song I enjoyed. Last Wednesday at 3am, my mom passed away after having suffered a stroke only five hours before. My family and I are still in shock after this sudden, unexpected illness. Since that night, your song has become a source of strength for me when I hear it. I cry tears of loss, but also tears of joy knowing that Mom is in the best place she can be!! Thank you for writing such poignant lyrics!

Eric Smith

Your reasoning for writing this song speaks deeply to my heart. My aunt recently passed from a stroke she suffered at 49, she was like my mother. I saw her almost every day. I remember everything about the last week of her life in that hospital. God has sustained my family, but it has been tough for sure. Usually finding God's grace and presence in songs, the lyrics of this song deeply moved me. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing the talent God gave you with us, and allowing Him to speak through you in the form of this song. Peace, Love and all thats above.
Eric Smith

Kayla Miller

This song is fantastic. My dad died a year ago and its very much how I feel. Thank you Matthew West for letting Holy Spirit flow in you and through you.

Charlott E.

Thank your music!! This song as been a blessing to me. My mother went to be with the Lord 5 months ago. I bought this album not knowing about this song. It has helped me to remember what a wonderful life she lived and what a wonderful example she was in showing me how to truly love the Lord. Parkinson's Disease is a very cruel disease but she had such a great attitude right up to the end. Thank you again for all your great music. I know I have a place saved for me too!!!!!


I heard your song "Save A Place For Me" this morning for the first time. From the first line I was bawling my eyes out. Like many others have shared, I too, recently lost a loved one. She was my sister. My sister whom I cherished from the day she was born. In three short months I watched cancer destroy her body, but not her hope in Christ. She wrote scripture on the inside of her arms and witnessed to everyone in the hospital she came in contact with. She died at the age of 39. I told the Lord I wasn't ready to say goodbye. He took her anyway. It's only been six months since she's been gone. But some days its seems longer because of the heartache and reality that I can no longer have her present with me in this life.

Hearing your song this morning was an answer to prayer. Last night I was having a hard time and my friend said well, maybe you can be ministered to through music. Your song spoke volumes to me. The lyrics were a perfect balance of understanding the pain I'm going through and yet, reminding me of the good for her and hope for the future. Thank you.

Lisa Q

Dear Matthew, today I heard "save a place for me" and i almost had to pull over on the side of the road. I lost my husband 4 years ago to leukemia. he left behind our 2 beautiful children, now 10 and 12. I have often thought of what he's doing now. I know time is NOT the same in Heaven and when your lyrics say "I'll be there soon", I know when I join him, no matter how long it's been for ME...to HIM it will have been "soon". I am always amazed at how your songs move me either to smiles or tears. What a gifted writer and singer you are...WOW !!!! Thank you for sharing your gift with the world !!!!


"Save A Place For Me" always makes me think of my sweet daddy b/c he was such a good christian man. He went to live in heaven 2 years ago after a lengthy illness and I miss him so much. I want to thank you for sharing this awesome song. I feel so much better after hearing it.


Dear Matthew, "Save a Place for Me" brought me comfort w/the recent & brutal passing of my cat, Igamu. Thank you.


Dear Matthew, "Save A Place For Me" is an amazing song. I can't even describe the emotions I felt when I heard it the first time and every time since. My youngest sister and her soon-to-be-newborn son died very unexpectedly at the hospital 3 years ago. She was a wonderful, beautiful person. She left behind little twins who weren't quite 2, a husband, and a family who loved her very much. She was so loved and is missed so very much. There has been so much pain and so many questions. I know they are with Jesus waiting for all of us and saving us a place. This song gave me hope again to focus on that day. I miss her so much, and I see her when I hear this song. You are an amazing artist. Thank you.

ashley ortiz ramirez

matthew west my brother past away last year in december he touched many lives and saves some too iam proud of him


Matthew- a very close friend of mine recently killed himself at the age of 34. It has been a very difficult death to accept, but I recently heard "Save a Place for Me", and it has become one of the things that helps keep my head above water. Like you sang: everyday it's sinking in... but the weight of this world is finally off his shoulders... I can't wait for the day that I can see him again... with every tear I pray... I'm so glad for the time I had with him. It's amazing how you took the words that have been on my lips lips as I cry myself to sleep every night.

ashley ortiz ramirez

Thank you very much my mom loves your song save a place for me. Though it makes her cry it makes her happy to.Because she knows hes in a better place now.

Holly Gibson

I love this song. I hurt when I hear this song. I break down. Everyone else has their reasoning for why they enjoy this song. I do too. My dad died last summer while I was at summer church camp. Apparently he had a hole in his heart that the doctors never found his whole life. He was 46. I've always been a daddy's girl. My brother died of leukemia in 2004. My family has been broken ever since.
It's just me, my sister, and my mom left. I'm 17. My sister, 20. I'm ready for this life to be done; to be in heaven and have our family whole again. I don't want to see the pain on everyone anymore. "I have asked the questions why, but I guess the answers for another time" I ask this everyday. I blog about it. I cry out about it. I need the answers soon. I can't wait to be with my daddy again.

Save a place, for everyone.


My husband lost his fight to heart disease, he received the miraculous gift a heart transplant on 10/8/2009, and went home to be with Jesus 7/8/2010. I am trying to be normal but, I feel as though my heart has been cut out. I trust God and know he wants me to continue to help more people find their way home but, oh am I in pain. The separation process is agony. Today I looked at his picture and decided to turn on the radio; this is the song God blessed my heart with. I couldn’t wait to get home and listen to it again. It just goes to show that one person’s talent can be used to ease another person’s pain through the beauty of music. Thank you. What a beautiful song. (Save a place for me)

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