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March 20, 2009



Hi Matthew,
I listened to your new song and I love it. I to went around with a dry erase board, as I had polyps on my vocal chords. It was a very dark time for me as well, so I can relate. I pray for you and your family that the Lord will use this for HIS glory!!!!
God Bless you for sharing
All glory go to Jesus

Betty Bosse

Hey Matthew, My son and I were blessed to have met you at Sunshine Church in Grand Rapids Michigan. Congrats on the baby, I was just wondering how things were going and when your wife was due. How is your wife? I hope for a quick recovery of her body to normal and being able to sleep? :)at least sometimes. I hope you are cleaning the house and letting her get rest. You are such an encouragement to all of us. Even when you are crazy, makes me feel normal. I know my son Jeremiah will enjoy the video, seeing the baby and the haircut.
In Christ's love, Betty and Jermiah Bosse of Michigan

Kelly Loomis

Thank you for your transparency with your song and video. Beautiful. Not only made me cry--but think about if I am giving "my everything" like I should. Thank you, Mr. West. What a great testimony.

Tammy Carlton

Wow!!! Amazing song.. Outstanding video and perfect timing. This week your song 'The Motions' has been playing quite a bit on KLOVE and my goodness has it just been pushing at my heart. Amazing how God knows us so individually that He will reach each of us in our own specific ways. Music is the thing that speaks to me. When I'm crying out to God for answers or praising Him for blessings... He shows me He is there with music. Just the right song will come on just when I need it. It will be my answer. It will be my eye-opener. This week.. its been your song.
Thank you for letting God work in you.. so that what you do works in me!
God bless you!
.::Tammy in Nebraska::.

Jennifer Eckert

Awesome video. God's doing amazing things with and through you. Always stay true to Him. God's been using that song for about 5 weeks now and I just got the album last Sunday as a Birthday gift to self. My birthday was yesterday. I also like the hidden track of your recording with your daughter. You need to make a full length version of the song (full length can be 1 minute as long as it is a song with at least 1 verse and chorus).


I have been going through the motions for many years. Ever since Jesus found me in the midst of the occult. He lifted me out of the selfmade tomb that I had built. He shed his blood for me - his enemy - Never had I experienced such love and grace - to be forgiven of those sins - It is time to stop going through the motions and stand up. Must admit I am somewhat worried. I am a Deacon in a Southern Baptist Church - How are the people going to feel about me and my family when I reveal my past. When I challenge them to start living as if today was the last opportunity that they have to serve Jesus. I just know that it is time to take a stand against the darkness that inslaved me. Jesus set me free March 18th 1986. Years of darkness in the occult and then the light. I am humbled that the Son of the Living God would love such as I.

Wifey Boyd

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the song already and the music video made me LOVE it even more. WOO HOO for your 1st music video, it's awesome!

Barb Sayre

I thank our dear Lord you are on the other side of this and your "Voice" is strong to minister to others....
I posted a Resolution as well but wanted to make sure you know how gratful I am for you to share your very, very difficult season in your life with the world... I know... and am still in the valley but coming around to the other side...slow but...God is so very good. I wanted to share with you what My father shared with me though during these very quiet...frustrating...unexplainable times is...
*Lead a Singles Ministry at my church
*when my voice retuns completly to listen...way more then I talk!
* let my Lord...not me... be "my voice" in every decision
* take sign language class ( since my handwriting bad too :) to communicate better with hearing inparied patients
4) Continue to listen to see what His voice is saying....

Background..laryngitis January...found nodules Feb...removed end of Feb... 7 days... absolute silence...then limited then...lost voice again completly....then out of work for 2 more weeks...absolute voice rest then...back to yes/no only....now new doc...speech therapy will start May ....I am a nurse who was called to be a nurse by our father...similar to your call of singing... but for me... for months...coudn't talk with familly...coudnt talk/care of my pateints ...I also help student nurses pass thier state nursing board...tried using lap top to talk for me but...not same...

....could not understand why this was happening to me but today...today..4/25 new ENT...speech therapy coming up in May (not soon enough..may have spastic vocal cords now...praying for healing!!!)..cant wait.....off restrictions have "faint voice" and hope...I had hope in Him all along but what a blessing for a freind to send me your You Tube video today .....SO encouraging to me....right down to that white erase board...sorry to write so much..hope you will read this Matthew West...I downloaded from Itunes the Speaking louder....Love the mega phone....I get it!!!!!!!!!!! Blessings to you as you minister with your voice...you are right now to me and so many others...
Voices in Christ....
Barbara Sayre


The first CD I bought was Happy and the songs that stuck out to me were Motions and I love you more. Anyway, I heard you talking and singing this morning on K-Love and the words you were sharing and sing really touched my heart. I know I need to live my life for Christ and let everything elso go. I know He is in control, I'm just having a rough time right now focussing on that as I'm going through another health issue. I've had cancer 5 times; brain tumor, thyroid cancer, and basil cell skin cancer three times. It isn't easy to be going through this crazy thing again, because there is the possibility that I have cancer again. But, I know God is in control and that He is trying to teach me something. Please pray His will be done and that He is glorified.
Thank You!



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It was a very dark time for me as well, so I can relate. I pray for you and your family that the Lord will use this for HIS glory!

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